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Alishia asked about the easiest way to make scars in photoshop and I promised a quick and dirty tutorial. Now, when I say QUICK AND DIRTY I mean it. Of course, you can take these super simple steps and apply them in a more serious tone and you can really mess with stuff, but this is honestly the fastest way to do it and for icons and such.. most of your work will get miniaturized to 100x100 so perfection, sometimes doesn't translate to icon.

First! Find a picture of a scar. I'll be doing this tutorial with two different scars.

WARNING: GOOGLE IMAGES... is gross, but sometimes a necessity. Save a few pictures that you like and just keep those on hand.

Now, we have the lovely Jacob Pitts and our Scar Image #1.

The first thing I will do is erase the image until only the scar is showing. If the scar is cropped off I will try to round it out, or use the stamp tool to make the ending not so harsh/sudden.

I will also take this time to try and get the skin tones to match as best as possible. I'll use levels to reduce the amount of colors (in this one it was reds) and then I'll also use the color balance a bit.

Then I will enlarge/reduce/tilt/angle the scar and place it wherever I want. Because it's scar tissue, the stretching and skewing shouldn't really make too much of a difference.

Ta-da! It's all in place. Now, because this scar is a WHITE scar that is healed over, I am placing the blending settings to MULTIPLY for my scar layer. You can play with this and tinker however you like.

I will ERASE the scar over spots where the skin would've healed much more. Oh and off of his eye. If you place things over lips and eyebrows, remember to use the stamp tool to remove eyebrow-hair and that the healing over the lip will be quicker and so you'll need to thin out the scar over that spot. I will also go around the edges of the scar on the actual image and darken some spots of his skin so that the edges of the scar are better defined.

Next I add a layer between the original image and the scar layer. This will be my highlight/skin tone of healing layer. I take a rough edges brush (this is a paintbrush-y one) and I will create a few lines that trace over the center of the scar itself. I'll use white, then two other colors from his available lighter skin tones. I'll just layer these.

Then I will set it to a filter of Gaussian Blur. This is to soften it to the edges. I think I set this to about a 5.0. You can mess around with it yourself to see where you want the highlight to stretch out to, etc.

From that I will change the setting of this color layer to soft light. I can duplicate this, I can set the opacity to 50% - whatever makes the scar look like it fits better to the image and skin tones.

From there I'll tinker with things a bit, use the desaturate option to soften some of the darker spots, I'll add a bit more smooth to the original image beneath where it'd be healing, but for the most part that's it.

Here is how this tutorial differs when dealing with a red angry scar.

Same first few steps. Make the skin tone match. Delete the area around the scar, round out the abrupt end/top of the image or place it where it fits. Because this scar has a DARK center to it using Multiply will not work. So I have it set to OVERLAY.

I have erased around the corner of his lip and I have softened it near the side of his nose. Now, I could just use the stamp tool and smooth out the spots that are beside his nose, so that the skin there is smooth, but right now the way it overlayed, I know that it'll be reduced in size and barely noticed. So I'd just leave it. QUICK AND DIRTY.

I do however make a new layer between the original image and the scar layer to create that white highlight spot. His skin and shadows are all beneath that scar image, so I want it to be a smooth spot that the scar overlay can actually... overlay... on. YEP.

Then I do the whole Gaussian Blur, and then I set this one to lighten and I mess with the opacity and yep. Super simple little tricks.

Granted, it's not seamless and I could sit here and hand draw them on, using brushes and the stamp tool and layers and highlight things and burn in things, but the easiest way to do this is to just ADD A SCAR, and then MESS WITH SETTINGS, until you LIKE WHAT YOU GET.

Final Result:
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